Holistic Diet in Tijuana's Herb Gardens: QKC A1Mixologies' Brand Story

Holistic Diet in Tijuana's Herb Gardens: QKC A1Mixologies' Brand Story

Holistic Diet in Tijuana's Herb Gardens: QKC A1Mixologies' Brand Story

Posted on July 24th, 2023

At QKC A1Mixologies, our story is one of resilience, transformation, and a profound love for holistic food. 

Born from the inspiring journey of our founder, Queea, our brand is deeply rooted in the philosophy of holistic eating. 

Come along as we take you through the heartening journey of Queea, the bedrock of our unique brand.

Life-Changing Diagnosis

Life was going as usual for Queea, our dynamic founder, until she received a daunting diagnosis: cancer. It was a shattering moment, a crucial turning point that led her to question everything she knew about life and health. 

Instead of letting the diagnosis define her life, Queea chose to take control. She embarked on a journey that introduced her to the transformative power of a holistic diet. But, what is a holistic diet?

The Power of Holistic Diet

A holistic diet is more than just a meal plan. It's a lifestyle choice that puts the focus on whole foods and the nourishment they offer to our bodies. It's about eating holistically, embracing foods that are minimally processed, nutrient-dense, and close to their natural state. From colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, to a wealth of herbs and spices , a holistic diet encompasses the full spectrum of nature's bounty.

For Queea, adopting a holistic diet was like opening a doorway to wellness. It made her realize how deeply food is connected to our health and wellbeing. Her diet, filled with fresh produce and healing herbs, became her lifeline, fortifying her body and mind to battle the disease.

Tijuana's Herb Gardens: The Holistic Haven

In the heart of Tijuana, Mexico, Queea found her sanctuary – the thriving, verdant herb gardens. Tending these gardens, nurturing each herb, and seeing them blossom, Queea discovered the true essence of holistic food. These weren't just plants; they were nature's potent healers, each herb brimming with therapeutic properties.

She immersed herself in researching these herbs, learning about their unique benefits, and finding ways to incorporate them into her diet. Her diligence paid off. As she fortified her body with these natural, potent herbs and whole foods, she felt her health gradually improving. Her story is a living testament to the healing power of holistic eating.

QKC A1Mixologies: Birthed from Resilience

QKC A1Mixologies isn't just a business; it's Queea's heart and soul poured into crafting experiences that celebrate the power of holistic eating. With her newfound understanding and respect for nature's healing bounty, Queea was inspired to share her journey and the benefits of a holistic diet with the world, and QKC A1Mixologies was born.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, QKC A1Mixologies offers a host of services including private drink mixology, meal prep, private chef, catering, and meal consulting services. At the core of our services is the commitment to holistic food, just as Queea discovered in the herb gardens of Tijuana. 

Each dish and drink we create is a tribute to Queea's transformative journey and our unwavering belief in the power of holistic diet.


Our journey at QKC A1Mixologies is marked by resilience, transformation, and a deep reverence for nature and its healing offerings. It is this profound journey, Queea's inspiring transition from illness to wellness through holistic eating, that sets us apart.

If you're curious about what a holistic diet can offer or wish to experience our unique services, we're just a call or email away! Reach out to us at 816-423-3443 or [email protected]. Embark on your own journey of holistic wellbeing with QKC A1Mixologies.

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